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A. Lahlou

Mr Anas Lahlou defended, on Friday 6th November 2020, his PhD thesis “Energy and Thermal Comfort Management Strategies for Battery Electric Vehicles” at the Sorbonne University (SU).  Anas’s thesis work was conducted between UIR, SU, EMI and PSA under the supervision of Mrs Ossart (SU), M. Maaroufi (EMI), M. Roy (PSA) and M. Bakhouya (UIR). Anas has spent 3 years and half (2017-2020) working on the project HELECAR « Predictive Energy Management for BEV/PHEV by using Moroccan ICT/ITS», funded by the ANRT-France/CNRST (bourse CIFRE) under the PSA OpenLab@Morocco (2017-2020).

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