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R&D Projects


This project concerns the development of smart microgrids based on RES to support the sustainable development of the three sectors: energy, water and agriculture. The main aim is to adapt the system to the load profile and storage strategies of modern and sustainable agricultural practices and to serve typical requirements such as pumping and irrigating. Furthermore, the process between generating, distributing, and storing electricity and water will be optimized, e.g., by identifying further RE and water sources and using reservoirs for storage.

MGFARM: Smart stand-alone micro-grids as a solution for agriculture farms electrification


MG-FARM project is funded by “Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’Innovation, MESRSI” under the LEAP-RE program (Project no: 963530, 2022-2025).



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RECENT publications

  • A. Rochd, M. Bakhouya, L. Baghli, S. Pierfederici, D. Yousfi, N. Kebir, C. Hirschhausen, H. Belmili, A. Mechernene, Smart Microgrids for Agriculture: MG-FARM’s Innovative Approach to Electrifying Farms in North Africa – Case Studies of Morocco and Algeria, to appear in IEEE PAC 2023.
  • H. Essardi, A. Oukhatar, M. Bakhouya, M. Najib and D. El Ouadghiri, a Secured Blockchain based Energy Trading System for Smart Grid Network, to appear in the proceedings of AI2SD’2023 Global Summit Symposium.