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R&D Projects


Morocco has been leading an ambitious sustainable development strategy for the past decade, particularly in the energy sector. This ambition is manifested by the deployment of renewable energy infrastructures, and recently the electric vehicles charging stations and open and shared data communication, favorable factors to support research actions in the field of connected electromobility.
In this context, PSA Peugeot Citroën has setup an “OpenLab” entitled “Sustainable Mobility for Africa”, one of whose axes is dedicated to electric mobility in Morocco and the rest of Africa as well. The HELECAR project is dedicated to the development of approaches related to: i) optimal energy management of electric and hybrid vehicles in the Moroccan ICT context,  ii) remaining driving range prediction of electric and hybrid vehicles and iii) smart charging and scheduling.

HELECAR-D: A dataset for urban electro mobility in Moroccan context .


This work was conducted within two collaborative frameworks, the OpenLab PSA@Morocco “Sustainable mobility for Africa” and the IRP ATLAS “Association Trans-méditerranéenne de Laboratoires pour les Applications à l’énergie Solaire”.



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